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Sprockets: Smooth transport, long life

LaVezzi sprockets are designed to provide accurate, smooth transport over a long service life. Smooth tooth profiles combined with a tough, case-hardened surface eliminate the potential for damage to the film perforations.

LaVezzi no longer stocks sprockets, however we can manufacture a custom order to your specifications. 

Need a completely custom component for your special application? LaVezzi can help. Just contact us.

Want to know more about our precision sprockets? Read our FAQs:

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  • I require some design assistance on a sprocket drive. Where do I start?
    See our Design Assistance Form.
  • I know exactly what I need regarding a sprocket but I am unsure of the tooth form. Can you help me?
    No problem. Send us what you have and, upon receipt of your order, you will be advised of the proper tooth form.
  • Do you make chain or timing belt type sprockets?
    Sorry, no. We can, but you can purchase these much more economically through a stocking supplier.