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Machining Equipment


The medical field is constantly evolving. Innovative new ways to care for patients are developed every day. And you continue to design increasingly complex devices and implants to provide that care. But your designs cannot be fully realized without equipment capable of producing precise results. When the success of your idea relies on the equipment used to make it, turn to a manufacturing partner with the most advanced tools and processes – LaVezzi Precision.

LaVezzi’s continuous investment in technology makes us a leader in complex, multi-faceted machining for the medical industry. Our commitment to keeping pace with medical advances has made us the largest user of the latest Willemin machines. With these machines, we have simultaneous 5-axis milling capability with a total of 10 axes of motion. In addition, our production facility has a full complement of Swiss lathes, as well as the latest turning, grinding and finishing equipment. It’s all housed in a 50,000-square-foot, environmentally temperature-controlled building that is fully protected from fire and theft.

Combined with our dedication to quality and decades of experience across a wide range of applications, our unparalleled range of equipment makes LaVezzi uniquely qualified to produce your medical device or implant. No matter how complicated.

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